Lead:  M.J. Donovan-Creamer

Meetings:  First Wednesday of the month, 10 a.m. to noon, September to May

Location:  Lynnwood Library



Transportation is an intrinsic part of our daily lives. The LWVSC Transportation Committee is dedicated to learning about and informing Snohomish County residents about current transportation modes and issues. 

Current issues and topics of focus are:

  1.  The effect of oil and coal trains as they transverse Washington state
  2.  I-405 traffic congestion, capacity, cost (tolling report), and lane    

  3.  The passing of Sound Transit 3 and its effects on Snohomish County communities
  4.  The passing of Sound Transit 3 and its effects on Snohomish County communities

Transportation Committee

In January, 2017, the Transportation Committee sponsored an informational meeting with Jase Brooks and Rob Dengel of the WA State Department of Ecology. They explained the Oil Transportation Safety Act as a positive step to protect the environment and residents from spill risks when oil is moved by train. The DoE now provides quarterly reports of rail routes, dates of transfer, amount of oil, and types of crude oil. These reports can be accessed on the Department of Ecology website, ecy.wa.gov.The report for the quarter ending December 31, 2016, included information about the content and location of oil trains. This information had not been presented in similar reports in the past.

Concerns from the audience included: staging of oil cars in Everett, fires in tunnels, slide danger zones, earthquake response, and emergency crew access when traveling over railroad tracks.

View Jase Brooks' presentation as a PDF.

Page updated on November 1, 2017.