CITIZEN PARTICIPATION. Support citizen participation in local government by advocating that county and local government branches provide adequate notice of proposed actions, hold open meetings, and make public records readily accessible.

CONSERVATION OF NATURAL RESOURCES. Support regional planning that reflects conservation of natural resources and which includes citizen participation in planning, zoning, land use, and water management; county and city compliance with the Growth Management Act; and park acquisition and development.

ELECTION LAWS AND PROCEDURES. Seek enforcement of registration laws and election procedures.

HOMELESSNESS AND HOUSING. Support local efforts to alleviate the housing shortage, including cooperative efforts between private and nonprofit agencies and the housing authorities, to provide low-income housing.

JUVENILE SERVICES. Support measures to maintain effective services by Snohomish County Juvenile Services.

MENTAL HEALTH CARE SERVICES. Strongly support measures for adequate funding of prevention and treatment services for persons of all ages and circumstance, including increase in state and federal funding formulas under Medicaid and Medicare, increase in state appropriations for community mental health services and reduction in state and regional administrative overhead, and enactment of full mental health insurance parity legislation at state and federal levels.

PORT DISTRICTS. Encourage port districts to emphasize environmental values, to coordinate planning, and be accountable to the public.

SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT. Support the solid waste management priorities of Snohomish County in descending order: waste reduction, recycling, and landfill.

TRANSPORTATION. Support a long-term transportation service plan that increases ridership, ensures smooth transfers between modes of transit, provides a quick response to service needs, and is compatible with comprehensive regional planning for transportation that reflects conservation of natural resources.