A basic concept behind effective League activity is to understand local government.  League members who participate in Observer Corps are its eyes and ears, learning how government works and about issues that are or may become items for local study and action. Consistent League presence at local government meetings also adds to the League’s visibility and credibility.

For more information about Observer Corps, visit the national League website.

Snohomish County League Observers

To participate in the LWVSC Observer Corp, contact coordinator Nan Moore, nanmoore64@me.com or (425) 582-8934 .

Snohomish County Planning Commission 11-22-16 klunceford

Snohomish County Planning Commission 4-25-17 klunceford

Community Transit 3-23-17 and CT Board 4-6-17



Page updated on July 17 2017


The Eyes and Ears of the League