"Magazine on the Air"

​​​​​​​​On the second Monday of the month, at 6 p.m., the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County produces a KSER 90.7 radio program about issues of importance to the voters of Snohomish County. The last six months of this "Magazine on the Air" are archived here, for your listening.

If you want to hear an older LWVSC program, email us, lwvsnohomishcounty@gmail.com, attention Michelle Valentine. You can purchase a CD of the program for $2 (production, handling, and mailing).

March 13, 2017

Join League member Karen Madsen as we listen to the recent Oil Transportation Forum, sponsored by the League Transportation Committee, and held in January at the Sno-Isle Lynnwood Library.  Department of Ecology oil transportation rules writer Jace Brooks, and Section Manager Rob Dengel described the 2015 law passed regulating the transportation of oil in trains across the state.  Audience Q&A followed.

February 13, 2017

League moderator Lisa Utter interviewed participants from the January 21st Women's March, locally and across the country. Hear Alan Schmitz describe what he saw from beginning to end of the march. Map Heeres, an 83-year-old Dutch immigrant, marched in her first civic action with memories of her experiences in Holland in 1938. LWVUS President Chris Carson explained the national sponsorship of the D.C. march and its coverage across the country. She also highlighted the strengths of League development in our core areas. Snohomish County League member Karen Shoaf-Mitchell went to the Olympia march, carpooling with a couple of wise women local Leaguers. Finally Rene Kratz, Everett Community College professor, marched and described her concerns for "science-based decisions about our environment."

January 9, 2017

League moderator Karen Madsen joins Nora Leech and Kathy Sakahara, LWVWA Lobby Team Fair Revenue and  Lobby Team chair, to provide us with a preview of the 2017 Washington State Legislature's session which convenes today for its 'long session' of 105 days.  They will focus specifically on revenue issues and move on to other priorities for the Legislature.  Hear what's happened during the December committee meetings, and the proposals for funding Washington state's needs.

December 12, 2016
LWVWA Lobby Team Education member Catherine Ahl from Kitsap County joins Liv Finne from the Washington Policy Center at a roundtable to discuss what can be expected in next month's WA Legislature efforts to fully fund public K-12 education in our state.  A lively interchange with moments of agreement interspersed with provocative perspectives on the duties of the Legislators and the state Supreme Court justices.

November 14, 2016
This month we share our own story, All About the League, with recent past presidents Janet Chalupnik, Michelle Valentine, Lynn Carpenter, and Joan Smith sharing highlights from their experiences leading the County League.  Moderator Karen Madsen hears about Snohomish County's League origins, recent successes in both the County political and social issues, humorous experiences while making democracy work.

October 10, 2016

Learn about the pros and cons from speakers on the November General Election ballot issues:  I-732, I-735, I-1433, I-1464, I-1491, and I-1501.  Each initiative also lists the top five financial supporters as of October 3, 2016.  League moderator Karen Madsen reads the title of each initiative, airs up to four minutes of the pro position, the pro financial sponsors, and then the four minute con position and its con financial sponsors.  Special note is made that mailed ballots require extra postage due to the length of the ballot.  The ballot drop box locations around the county are listed as well.