July 10, 2017

Three perspectives on Islamophobia:  League members Brenda Belanos-Ivory and Chad Kinzel interview three Muslim American citizens who share their experiences and ideas about the current atmosphere surrounding this issue in our county.  You'll hear from Ahmed (AJ)  Alwadi, Wasi Shayek, and Sister Mohammed.

June 12, 2017

The City of Everett has seven at-large Council members for a city of 105,000+ residents.  A group has been working on getting an initiative on the November, 2017, ballot to change the Council to five district and two at-large members.  Tune in to hear the lively discussion of the pros and cons. KSER News and Public Affairs Director Ed Bremer moderates the panel of Megan Dunn and Greg Lineberry, speaking for the initiative, and Michael Swanson and Jon Bauer, speaking against the initiative.  League member Lois Wentink presents the League's position on council makeup with district voting.

May 8, 2017

Join League member Karen Madsen to hear the questions and answers following the screening of a film called "The Long Night."  This is a locally-produced documentary by Tim Matsui. The film follows two teenage girls in Seattle who become child sex exploitation victims, as well as the police who track them and work with them.  This program also includes information about the upcoming primary election filing periods and races across our county in 2017.

April 10, 2017

League moderator Brenda Belanos-Ivory presents a potpourri of topics and issues for our listeners.  Leading off is Mayor Barbara Tolbert of Arlington, WA, recipient of the LWVSC 2017 Democracy in Action Award.  Mayor Tolbert describes being a finalist for a $3 million dollar prize in America's Best Cities competition.  The Arlington-Darrington 11 initiatives for the Valley residents continues to improve the region following the devastating Oso slide of 2014.  The program then shifts gears to focus on cold weather shelters in Snohomish County.  Everett Gospel Mission CEO Sylvia Anderson shares her perspective on the need, the number of locations offering shelter, and some reasons why people continue to live outside of a shelter.  Finally Zoe Wazlik of the Marysville Emergency Cold Weather Shelter relates stories of the people she coordinates to be present during those freezing nights as well as the individuals and families seeking shelter for the night.

March 13, 2017

Join League member Karen Madsen as we listen to the recent Oil Transportation Forum, sponsored by the League Transportation Committee, and held in January at the Sno-Isle Lynnwood Library.  Department of Ecology oil transportation rules writer Jace Brooks, and Section Manager Rob Dengel described the 2015 law passed regulating the transportation of oil in trains across the state.  Audience Q&A followed.

February 13, 2017

League moderator Lisa Utter interviewed participants from the January 21st Women's March, locally and across the country. Hear Alan Schmitz describe what he saw from beginning to end of the march. Map Heeres, an 83-year-old Dutch immigrant, marched in her first civic action with memories of her experiences in Holland in 1938. LWVUS President Chris Carson explained the national sponsorship of the D.C. march and its coverage across the country. She also highlighted the strengths of League development in our core areas. Snohomish County League member Karen Shoaf-Mitchell went to the Olympia march, carpooling with a couple of wise women local Leaguers. Finally Rene Kratz, Everett Community College professor, marched and described her concerns for "science-based decisions about our environment."

January 9, 2017

League moderator Karen Madsen joins Nora Leech and Kathy Sakahara, LWVWA Lobby Team Fair Revenue and  Lobby Team chair, to provide us with a preview of the 2017 Washington State Legislature's session which convenes today for its 'long session' of 105 days.  They will focus specifically on revenue issues and move on to other priorities for the Legislature.  Hear what's happened during the December committee meetings, and the proposals for funding Washington state's needs.

The last six months of this "Magazine on the Air" are archived here, for your listening. If you want to hear an older LWVSC program, email us, lwvsnohomishcounty@gmail.com, attention Michelle Valentine. You can purchase a CD of the program for $2 (production, handling, and mailing).

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