LWVSC POSITIONS AND 2017 - 2018 Program

2017-2018 LWVSC Program

At the annual meeting in May, 2017, the LWVSC membership approved the 2017-2018 Program.

Two activities of the League—Voter Services and Observer Corps—are standing committees and will be expanding and carrying on their work every year.

Children’s Services, continue to educate local law enforcement, school districts, security guard companies, and others about the Washington laws regarding child sex exploitation.

In addition, the Children's Services Committee will take on the work of updating  our local position on Homelessness and Housing.

Action proposed: A one-year study of homeless children in Snohomish County with these questions: What are the conditions that lead to homelessness of children and families? What are the effects of homelessness on children? What are the needs of Snohomish County homeless children and families? What interventions are needed to address these needs? What is currently being done to supply the needed interventions? By whom? What are the community, social, political, and environmental impacts of homelessness of children and families in Snohomish County? The Children’s Services Committee will take on this work.
A previous study by the LWVSC was done in 1995. One outcome of the new study could be a revision to the LWVSC position on homelessness and housing.

Water Issues, which may include sea level rise.

Health Care, legislation and services in Washington, including mental health.

Money in Politics, monitoring only. The national study was completed and positions adopted in 2016.

Natural Resources and Agriculture, dealing with the effects of land use and climate change on natural resources and agriculture lands. Varied work.

Inequality and Health, study of the relationship between socioeconomic inequality and health in Snohomish County.

Representation in Government

 Action proposed: Support the initiative and efforts to reconfigure the structure of the Everett City Council to representation by Districts with some at-large positions to promote improved citizen participation and increase more diverse citizen voices on the Council. The Central Unit is committed to action on this issue.

This work is informed by the Principle: “The League of Women Voters believes in representative government...” and a State League position/action: Representative Government, “Action to support election methods that promote "representative-ness," citizen participation and accountability...” and in the spirit of State League position RR-1: Both houses of the state legislature should be apportioned substantially on population. Districts should be convenient, contiguous and specific standards for fair representation should be assured.

The Annual Meeting Supplement (April, 2017), contains a complete overview of the 2017-2018 Program, Foundations, Status of 2016-2017 Program Topics, Board Recommended 2017-2018 Program Topics, and other topics submitted by the LWVSC Units for Board consideration.

LWVSC Local League Positions


Support citizen participation in local government by advocating that county and local government branches provide adequate notice of proposed actions, hold open meetings, and make public records readily accessible.

Support regional planning that reflects conservation of natural resources and which includes citizen participation in planning, zoning, land use, and water management; county and city compliance with the Growth Management Act; and park acquisition and development.

Seek enforcement of registration laws and election procedures.

Support local efforts to alleviate the housing shortage, including cooperative efforts between private and nonprofit agencies and the housing authorities, to provide low-income housing.

Support measures to maintain effective services by Snohomish County Juvenile Services.

Strongly support measures for adequate funding of prevention and treatment services for persons of all ages and circumstance, including increase in state and federal funding formulas under Medicaid and Medicare, increase in state appropriations for community mental health services and reduction in state and regional administrative overhead, and enactment of full mental health insurance parity legislation at state and federal levels.

Encourage port districts to emphasize environmental values, to coordinate planning, and be accountable to the public.

Support the solid waste management priorities of Snohomish County in descending order: waste reduction, recycling, and landfill.

Support a long-term transportation service plan that increases ridership, ensures smooth transfers between modes of transit, provides a quick response to service needs, and is compatible with comprehensive regional planning for transportation that reflects conservation of natural resources.  

The Program for our League is supported by these Foundations:

  • Principles of the League adopted at the national level.
  • Positions adopted at the national, state, or local level. Positions are developed by study and then consensus of the Leagues.  (Want to know more about how the League defines "program" and "position"? LWVWA explains League Lingo.)
  • Positions of our local League