LWVSC, along with DistrictsNow.org, is advocating for Districted Voting in the City of Everett. The purpose of this effort is to get an initiative on the ballot for five City Council districts (see map) and two at-large positions.

How Can You Help?

  • Volunteer to gather signatures and register voters.
  • Donate money to pay for running the campaign. There are expenses such as postage and printing, website maintenance, etc. You can contribute at districtsnow.org.

The initiative seeks to address the disparity in representation on the City Council. Everett currently elects all council members at-large. Six out of seven council members live in the northern part of the city.

You must be a registered voter in the city of Everett to sign this petition. If you live within the city limits, but are not currently registered, there will be forms available for you to register on the spot so that you can add your signature to the petition.

Want to learn more about the League's position on districted voting in Everett?

  • This letter from Pat Fogarty Cramer, LWVSC president, to Everett City Council, October, 2017, explains the League's position.

  • A letter to the Editor, Everett Herald, dated November 22, 2017, explains the League's support of a five-district, two at-large system.

District-based City Council in Everett

Updated November 24, 2017