Criteria for the Democracy in Action Award

The award is presented to an individual or group in Snohomish County.

The recognition is for outstanding achievement(s) or for long-term commitment to enhancing democracy in Snohomish County. Examples are:  serving as an elected official at the local, state, or national level; advancing issues of voter’s rights; advancing issues within the League’s positions such as natural resources, immigration, international relations, education, health care, etc.; and promoting citizenship development.

Nominations are accepted from the broad community, including Washington State as well as Snohomish County; from individuals, LWVSC current and past members, other groups and organizations, or from friends, family, and spouses of nominees. Self-nominations are not accepted.


The Selection Committee receives and researches the nominees for meeting the criteria, and puts forth a slate to the current LWVSC Board of Directors for final vote.

This is intended to be an annual recognition award, including a plaque recognizing the individual(s) presented during an open-to-the-public function, e.g. a luncheon.

Schedule for the 2018 Democracy in Action Award

  • Deadline for nominations – December 31, 2017
  • Decision made – LWVSC Board of Directors meeting in January, 2018
  • Recipient notified - January, 2018
  • Presentation of award – LWVSC Birthday Luncheon on February 17, 2018

Use this form for submitting a nomination. (Link to Word doc)
(Download this Word document and Enable Editing. The doc has a long file name with many characters. These are generated by our webserver. Just re-name it.)


The Democracy in Action Award is presented annually by the League of Women Voters of Snohomish County. The award is given at the League’s Birthday Luncheon on the third Saturday in February. The award recognizes outstanding achievement or long-term commitment to enhancing democracy in Snohomish County.

The 2017 Democracy in Action Award was presented to Barbara Tolbert, mayor of Arlington, WA.

Democracy in Action Award