Updated July 17, 2017.

The Children's Service's Committee was formed in 2010 to study services for at-risk children in Snohomish County.  During work on that study, we discovered that sex trafficking of minors did not just involve girls from foreign countries.  Many of the victims were girls and boys right here in Snohomish County. We turned our attention and action to sex trafficking of minors in our county.  That continues to be our primary focus to this day. 

In 2013 we added the issue of homeless teens and began work at Cocoon House, serving dinner once a month to clients at their U-Turn Drop In Center. We are also delivering holiday gifts suitable for homeless teens, and participating in fund-raising luncheons for Cocoon House and the Dawson Place Child Center. 


  • Sex trafficking of minors
  • Abuse of minors
  • Homelessness of children and teens


  • Sex Trafficking Facts: Worldwide, Washington State, and Snohomish County. (PDF) Also contains resources for more information and for assistance. Report compiled by LWCSC Children's Services Committee and updated in 2016.

Major accomplishments:        

  • Wrote and received a grant from the League of Women Voters Education Fund. The grant funding was used to purchase and adapt curriculum materials, including a DVD, about child sex trafficking. The materials were packaged and distributed to all 15 school districts in Snohomish County.
  • Arranged meetings with local police to apprise them of language in new legislation about children found in sex trafficking situations. (They are "victims," not "criminals.")
  • Held several public meetings to increase awareness of child sex trafficking and that it affects U.S., not just foreign, children.
  • Received a grant from Verdant Health Commission for a public program, “Our Children Are Not for Sale," featuring the documentary “The Long Night” and a panel focusing on sex trafficking in Snohomish County.
  • Received the 2015 Butterfly Award for our work.
  • Established an ongoing relationship with Cocoon House in Everett, bringing dinner once a month and distributing over 50 gifts each year to homeless kids at their U-Turn Drop In Center.
  • Met with the Snohomish County Executive and County Council to urge appointment of a special deputy to deal with child sex trafficking.
  • One of our members, Dorothy Jones, established contacts with the Everett Herald, resulting in several feature articles on the issue of child trafficking.
  • Presented a short session on our work at the LWVWA Convention in 2014.

Lead:  Janet Robertson
Meetings:  Monthly on the second Friday, 9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

Location: Location may vary. We often meet at the U-Turn Drop-in Center in Everett, but contact Janet Robertson for specific location.

The League of Women Voters Children’s Services Committee has begun a study of homelessness and its effect on children. We hope this will lead eventually to a change in the local League position on housing and homelessness, bringing it up to date with the current situation in our area. With a more informed position, we think we will be able to lobby for legislation that more adequately addresses this ever-growing problem. Meanwhile, our Committee continues work with the lobby team and our relationship with Cocoon House in Everett.

Children's Services Committee​